I’m locked outside my house…this night

Dear Diary,
       I locked myself out of my own house and am upstairs at my neighbour’s. Nice job Nonso. Nice job!!
      They have on some Nigerian movie. I cannot possibly roll my eyes hard enough. Emeka Ezuro-whats-his-face, Jim Iyke and some other people who’s faces I know but names I don’t. The acting is so…well you know how terrible movies shot and produced in Asaba are. I would know this, because I visited Asaba one time. Please don’t ask me what took me there. All I will say is a certain Vivienne Nkem chick took me there.
The night we got there Whitney Houston died.
That’s the end of spontaneity for me.
And that’s also the end of this crummy movie in which Mike….ehen, it’s Mike Ezuronye, not Emeka, abi am I mistaken? What’s the name of that fair guy who is always angry or arrogant in his movies?
The wigs the ladies have on in this movie ehn!!!
Where is my Jackie Collins novel anyway? I’d rather be reading. Oh yeah, I left it downstairs…with my key, and everything I own…which isn’t much…but it’s all still mine.


Oops. I meant “To God be the Glory”


4 thoughts on “I’m locked outside my house…this night

  1. LOL!
    See ya head. Toh, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Enjoy the nollywood movie. Hopefully next time u attempt to lock yourself out, u’ll remember Mike Ezuro-something and you won’t. Hehe
    Well done 🙂



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