I been fired

Dear Diary,
          I got fired today.
Not really.
          As a matter of fact, I learned a valuable lesson today. I hold on tight to a lot of things I shouldn’t and I let go and move on from the things that I shouldn’t. 
I got a part-time job as a copywriter at a prestigious firm. That should have been awesome, right? It wasn’t. Regardless of the fact that I love to write, I didn’t enjoy it, it wasn’t the kind of writing that brought me any sense of joy or challenge or fulfilment. But because they were all so nice to me, I was being a goody two shoes and couldn’t quit. So it affected my job performance. 
My stint wasn’t that long with them, I got a call today and was fired very nicely. Very very nicely. They said something about our relationship needing a break until we’re ready to try again. Hmmm. Supukwa!!!

But it taught me a lesson. I’m not afraid amore. I have been fired and I haven’t died. I feel more inclined to try something new. Something that I really genuinely want to do. I’m not yet quite sure what it is, but when I find it I will know it. I’m only irked now that I was too timid to take the first step and say “I do not want to do this anymore” before they did. But all’s good.

I do hope this whole epiphany doesn’t disappear by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.


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