I got grabbed

I got grabbed

Dear Diary,
A conductor grabbed my butt.


I was entering into a bus that was moving. The conductor was being really impatient and shouting that I should hurry in to the bus. As I climbed in, he grabbed my butt and shoved me in.
Emphasis on the grabbing here!!
I have never felt so violated in my life. Ever!!
Ok except that one time back in University Mr Omonijo, aka Mario, aka Lil’ John smacked my behind with his hand. I went to his office to request for a bank exeat because
1. None of the hall officers agreed to give me a bank exeat to go to the bank.
2. I was broke.
3. It was my birthday.
4. I was hungry. On my birthday. And broke too. So I couldn’t buy food to eat. On my birthday.
5. It was my birthday!!
I went to Student Affairs and stood outside with Quincy…whose name I shall not mention (I know I just did). Next thing Mr Mario comes and tells us to leave the doorway and smacks my behind.
To think I didn’t even get the bloody exeat. I starved that day. My birthday. And I was violated too.

Now this conductor feels he has the right to do same and go scott-free. I was determined to say a few bold things to him. But as I turned to give him a piece of my mind, then I notice he is a big menacing fellow, a thug, a stoned-looking thug with bad dentition and a really big chest. So I accept my violation with a sealed mouth and gratitude to God that I hadn’t spoken sooner. I may have been killed or worse, he wouldn’t have given me my change.

Le sigh.


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