Random Thoughts on TV and Movies



Dear Diary,
            Please, who are these ugly cockroach girls they use as extras in Nigerian movies?
          Who casts them anyway?
Why are they always classless and don’t know how to put on makeup properly?
Why is it that whenever they open up their mouths to speak, it is always rubbish that comes out? Either that they have bad dentition, or they can’t speak English, or they are just plain bush girls?

This trend is predominantly found in Asaba where a lot of movies are shot. I should know this, I’ve been there.  

On a slightly unrelated note, why are our actors mostly type cast
1. Why is Patience Ozokwor always the evil mother-in-law?
2. Why is Tony Umez always a weak son?
3. Why is Jim Iyke just useless? And what’s up with that silly reality show of his anyway?
   Speaking of reality shows?
Does anyone even watch that show anymore ?
The one time I saw that show…well, I just couldn’t do it anymore. They call it “Jim Iyke: Unscripted” shebi? That is the most foolish show since “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”.

Speaking of which

That show is the worst idea for TV since….since….
See? I can’t even think of any worse way to waste time watching TV. The children are spoilt rotten, arrogant, obnoxious, foul-mouthed and just plain stupid. And mind you Dear Diary, I am not hating on them. I love rich kids that behave like they have brains up in their heads and don’t behave like the world revolves around them.

Omotola’s show….what’s the name? shebi they said it raked in more views than Oprah’s talk show on its best day? Whoever said that should be wrapped in pig fat and hauled off into the lagoon.
Ok I am pained!!!! Goodbye!!!!

p.s. Captain America is amazing!!
p.p.s. Noah is a crappy movie. Whoever told a godless buffoon he could retell a Biblical story and take God out of it and make silly additions?
p.p.p.s. I am still house-hunting.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on TV and Movies

  1. Nooooooo!!! Noah is crappy?! Adonbelivyou! With Russel Crowe and Emma Watson in it, it has to be good. It just has to.
    By the way, it was said that Omotola’s show raked in more views than Oprah’s? Seriously? Which episode? *pause* Ok I’m asking the wrong audience. Lol. Seriously tho, is that her reality show still filming?



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