Embarrassing Butt Falls


And to everyone spying on me.

Had a fun ride in a BRT home from church with my friends; Kayito, Ishioma and Akinlowo.

Kayito and I fell on our butts inside the bus.

We were chatting loudly and shouting “HEEYY!!” everytime the driver hit a gallop. And there were many.
He was driving really fast.

As we were approaching Costain, the driver entered one big gallop. Our seats gave way and Kayito landed on his behind.
All four of us broke into a deep, side-splitting heartfelt laughter. And I of course laughed longer than everyone else. Not at Kayito falling, or screaming JESUS while he did, it was just too damn funny!!
Let’s not forget that this was a full bus, so there were the other passengers who had had enough of our noisemaking and felt our fall was judgement wasn’t enough, they had to add their laughter to our shame. (not that I felt any anyway.)

Reminds me of a time I was buying fruits at Ojuelegba. Behind me was a woman who was cussing the hell out of a banana seller. Next thing I know, she fell IGBAM!! face flat on the ground behind me.

I was afraid to laugh at her as it was doing me in my heart to laugh. The scorned banana-selling woman wasn’t even laughing. She was telling the fallen champion sorry.
How would it have looked if I, a bystander, a passerby, and by no means a busy body laughed? It would have looked bad. I had to join in telling her sorry, even though it wasn’t from my heart.
I still have a heart, contrary to popular belief.

Well, Mr Diary. Jesus is risen, Kayito and the abusive-tongued woman have fallen (on their butts and faces respectively). Easter has indeed found expression in my life.

May all your enemies fall on their butts and faces in Jesus’ MIGHTY and POWERFUL NAME!!! AMEN.

p.s. Kayito is a good friend, not an enemy. Just in case you’re asking.
p.p.s. We took a selfie with Akinlowo’s phone but he has blatantly refused to send it to me so I can use it as the picture of this post because he thinks he looks bad. (my phone was dead).


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