My new imitation sunglasses

Dear Diary,

      I am now a proud owner of a pair of Ron Bei sunglasses. They are of course a cheap imitation of the Ray Bans. But really, who wants to spend N5k on a lousy pair of glasses I just might lose in a month…or six?

      My Ron Beis are cheap (courtesy of our brothers in the East…and fake too) and happen to look particularly badass on me. Don’t you agree?


I like sunglasses but I am lousy with them. One time I lost a pair of expensive glasses and almost killed myself!!!
#exaggerated of course.
But that thing pained me Die.

Since then it’s been unapologetically cheap glasses for me. Whoever wants to judge has the green light to do so. When they’re done I will put on my $1.00 Ron Bei sunglasses and with class and walk away.


8 thoughts on “My new imitation sunglasses

  1. I too have a bad ass pair of Ron Beis! They are the Aviator version or as I call them from time to time the Abe-iators! Scored mine in the Philippines in May by trading a belt. Best trade I’ve done for a hot minute! I also got a shirt out of the deal!

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  2. $1…? Really? Did you really buy it for 1$ , or was it N150 (N for Naira) ? Why try to tushify it. It is local , it is local . Lol. You look great in it though. *kiss*(with semi tongue)



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