I need my voice back

Dear Diary,

        My voice is not working!!!

Since the vigil in church 2 Fridays ago my voice has not recovered. I have a lot of singing to do this month in church, at weddings and at sundry events.

God. Please. If you can read this. Not saying you can’t read. I mean, if you have a computer or some kind of internet-access device in heaven and you read my blog by some stroke of miraculous happenstance…then please give me my voice back. I am leading this amazing Tye Tribbett song on Sunday and I am in love with that song. Of course I love you more than the song. Don’t get jealous…it’s just a song. And I just really wanna sing it to you. It says what would I do without you…or something like that. *covers face*
So you see, my voice needs to come back. Like tonight.

Please dear Mr Jesus, please and thank you.

If you like (or hate) what you just read let me know your thoughts on it, please and thank you.


3 thoughts on “I need my voice back


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