Writer’s Block.


Dear Diary,

            I have absolutely nothing to say.

I’m afraid I’ve run into another one of those awful, awful writer’s blocks. Quite depressing I must say.

In other unrelated news, my phone screen is completely cracked. My colleague accidentally knocked it out from my hand as I was locked in one of deep reveries at lunch hour. It fell to the ground and cracked terribly.

Le sigh.

At least it still works.

Ok I feel like I’m already ranting endlessly. Goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block.

  1. I just posted an article about writer’s block, with a couple of people’s tips for dealing with it. Also, a few posts ago, I linked to a post with a few famous authors’ tips for getting in the writing zone. Hope that you have something to write about soon! And sorry about your phone!



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