Flooded House

Dear Diary,


My house is flooded.


It rained sometime during the wee hours of the morning and then I woke up to see water coming into the confines of my dwelling place.


Cool, huh?
I now feel like a total Third Worlder!!


You know what’s the most surprising part of all this?

PHCN…or NEPA, the power holding and withholding people haven’t switched off the power since yesterday till now. Light still dey. Dem no take am.

I know right?!

Oh well. I count my blessings in every storm…or flood. I’ve called in flooded to work. Once the water stops coming in I will summon a mallam or two to bail it all out and then I have a whole day to sleep. Or read. Or eat. Or do nothing.

I shall read. And then read some more. Knowledge is key.

But on the flip side, I’m moving out of this Waterhole. I’m done with this!!!


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