Dear Diary,

      You will never believe what just happened to me today.

Wanna guess?

I just scored a place on Music Reality TV show!!!
Or is it Reality Music TV Show?
Or whichever way it chooses to be.

The name of the show is Star!!



STAR. Never heard of it before. But I think it used to be Star Search or something like that.

I didn’t see this coming. Nkem hollered me this morning about the audition. And I didn’t wanna go because I hate auditions. And also I may or may not have been rejected at music show auditions before. No names called.

Project Fame.

Well, now I’ve gotten a Golden Ticket to South Africa where the show will happen. Cool, huh?


Oh yeah, what did I sing? I started with Bruno Mars’ Grenade. They stopped me and asked for something upbeat, disco and funky.

Ummm. What other song of our time mixes all elements?

Love On Top. Beyoncé.

Now I And my $2 Ron Bei sunglasses are off to South Africa.
I don’t know when. But still. This is quite a surprise. I think God is telling me sorry for Sunday night when I was hit in the face by a drunk passerby and then dashed my foot against a stone and had my guardian angel fired!!



3 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Congratulovia!!! Side note, my mom tried to set me up with a pilot who lives in South Africa. That plan went south (no pun intended) so when you get there, find me a nice tall pilot. Congrats! Comgrats!! Congrats!!! Also try to actually get Ray Ban shades there. No one likes a cheap celebrity 😋



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