Beach Day

Dear Diary,



Today I went to the beach with my friends in the choir.

I, as you can see, wore a rebellious tee shirt that had “I WILL NOT WORK HARD” boldly inscribed on it. And people avoided me like a plague.

It was fun. And now I am tired as hell.

I want to talk about Elegushi. Sorry, please who said that that place is a beach? That person should go to the Gambia, or South of France…or even Badagry here.
I was under the impression that the beach is where you go to connect with nature, God and yourself. You know.

Anyone with me here?


No one?

OK, I guess it’s just me then.

Anyway, I witnessed a clash of expensive sitting areas, touts threatening to deflate your car tires if you don’t patronise them, loud music everywhere and people, lots and lots of people.

No serenity.

I wasn’t pleased.


We wanted to be by ourselves…and of course a few other people around, not the entire Nigeria.
But of course we had to work with all this to enjoy ourselves. There’s no way we could just walk out after having paid so much money to get in.

Let’s not forget how much construction work is going on there and there is less and less sand for people to walk on, since the business people have overtaken the remaining free areas with their huts and bamboo clubs and bars. And of course the horse riders who will not leave me alone despite how many times I tell them I don’t want to ride their horses.
Can’t I just be by myself in peace?

Anyway, despite all the challenges that beset us, we had fun. Since we couldn’t get the serenity we hoped for, we worked the chaos to our advantage and had a blast playing football, board games, eating cake, food and having drinks, taking photographs, dancing and watching a young man masturbate somewhere he thought we wouldn’t see him.

*shaking my head*

It was a fun day all in all. And I had my feet exfoliated for free by the beach sand. So it wasn’t all bad.


More photos to come after I find a computer to copy them to from my camera. I still don’t have a laptop. Oh God of Israel.




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