My House Got Flooded. Again.

Dear Diary,

       Yesterday it rained not so heavily for about 3-4 hours. It started about 1am. And by 4:30am water came streaming into my house. 


Good thing I was awake.

Next thing I was running around like a headless specter trying to carry all of my few beloved possessions and stack them up and away from watery demolition. In less than 10 minutes my entire house was thigh deep in murky water.


There was light the entire time.

It was funny to see my bathroom wall colonised by cockroaches trying to escape death by drowning. LoL. Suckers!!!!


But I am done with all this. Got to get the hell outta here. Rats. Cockroaches. Flood. Constant power supply. I’m sick of it all. 



8 thoughts on “My House Got Flooded. Again.

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Second Home Mansion, Biggert Waters flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 set into motion more Disasters than u have seen.
    Worse, to hear our politicians suggest, they had doubt, but ok’d it Anyway….tucked in a Transportation Bill.
    Great to see all the roads in NJ getting fixed…SUPERSTORM SANDY FUNDS? U DECIDE😎


  2. Let me know if you’d like to live on the island. You deserve better Nonso. I hope you don’t wake up someday drifting on the Indian ocean with Somali pirates on your tail!



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