Women shouldn’t wear pants to church?

Dear Diary,

         Walked into the office to hear my colleagues agreeing that it is wrong for women to wear trousers to church.

I was like, huh?

People still think that way? In this day and age? In a metropolis as ‘forward’ as Lagos? Wow.

I of course had to disagree. I asked why it is a sin for a woman to wear trousers to church. They had no answer, it was just a sin because it is a sin. No explanation. It is what it is. Then a certain Mr I-Know-It-All said it is in the Bible. I asked for the scripture. That’s where the debate got stuck.

I really feel bad. Because doctrine has us hooked on silly things that don’t affect our salvation as Christians and as people free to live in liberty.

Perhaps the Bible does say that women shouldn’t wear trousers, perhaps it does. I ain’t never seen it before though.
But I’m glad women wear trousers in my church. And God uses them wella, and they look damn good in them pants and high heel shoes.

I guess they’re all going to hell for wearing trousers to church.

And I guess that leaves men completely without the option of wearing skirts to church.
I was so looking forward to the day when cross-dressing would become the order of the day in churches.

Oh well.

Ghen Ghen. Mr ITK just gbagauned, “Womans likes to feels too big for their husbands!!!”. That’s the man we are taking advice from.



14 thoughts on “Women shouldn’t wear pants to church?

  1. *sigh* The bible states that a woman/man must not wear what pertains to each other.(deut.22:5)
    If trouser does not pertain to a man as a clothing, then what does?
    If trousers are not exclusively masculine then why would the bible place a restriction on cross dressing?
    I hear people say “oyinbo people wear it nah it is a norm”, but lets check back 70-80 years, was trousers a norm for women?(since we are emulating the WEST might as well use them as a case study).
    Even the design of a trouser tells that it was male inclined when it was conceived(can’t see a woman peeing comfortably thru a zipper) before it got ‘feminized’.
    Its curious that when the tenents of God’s word are being upheld people come up with all sorts of grammar(chauvinistic,sexist,religious bigot etc) & human reasoning as against spiritual undstnding. After all, the bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit(2timothy 3:16), shouldn’t we also get undstnding from Him?


    • Isn’t it funny how we pick and choose what we want from the Bible? The very many laws of Deuteronomy prohibited many things but then the New Testament came and gave us the freedom to do many of these things such as eating pork and other “unclean” animals simply cause God said to Peter “Do not call what I have cleansed unclean!!”

      I certainly feel sad for people who still view women in pants as erring women. Times change, fashion changes, cultures and traditions are modified to suit the times. Concepts of dressing have been in constant change over history and always will till the end of forever.
      Besides, trousers are not a specific belonging of the menfolk, Jewish men wear earrings, earrings you probably would argue is solely a woman’s property. All these things are simply based on societal disposition.


      • Thats the thing. Christians are not of the world, changing times/values/fashion does not apply to the Word of God(isaiah 40:8) because when God wrote the bible He did so with the present & future in mind(Alpha&Omega remember?), if we are born of God, we are supposed to live by it & not by human disposition. Jesus came to fulfill the Law & set us free from its weight, and NOT to abolish it in the sense that we keep the commandments in two simple ways: love your neighbour as yourself & Love God. If you love your neighbour you wouldnt want her/him to fall by the way you live(Romans 14:13), and you wud agree with me that most ‘female trousers’ induce lustful glances due to its suggestive portrayal of the body. 2. Under the new covenant we are to be led by the Spirit(Romans 7:6) to know how to obey God’s commandments so as not to get tied up in sections that won’t be of benefit to our Christian race, so if ever in doubt ask the Holy Spirit.
        3. The bible also tells us how to dress(1timothy 2:9); modestly & not to cause a stir by it.
        4. Jesus is our role model, the standard by which we are to live by(Hebrews 12:2), so even if Jewish men/pastors/apostles/bishops wear chains of ear-rings we shouldn’t because we know who we are supposed to follow(John 14:6).
        And its quite sad that people who profess to be christians refuse to live by the unchanging wisdom of God’s Word.

        Note: i do not judge those who wear trousers but MUST state what God says as it is(devoid of societal dispositions/evolutions).


    • Wait, Wait! Mr Possible, I totally disagree with you because if you were quoting that scripture then females on their menstrual period should be nowhere near a church or family gathering, kill for kill, slave for years? etc.. For crying out loud, you could stick to flip flops and be trekking wherefa! But this is what I mean- in that time period, male and female garments were different because both male and female wore robes and there were things needed to distinguish them, both undergarments and outergarments. While reading the bible, look at culture, times etc. Like in our own own ancient time period, men tie wrapper on the waist and females, from their upper body. The important thing is be modest in your dressing as a christian. What about suits, waist coats, knickers, hair (guys plait now) and many others. So please, let us be reading bible well and there are dictionaries now to help and bible maps. If there is one thing I have learnt, translating from another language to English can be pretty daunting and sometimes misquoted. Even translating our own languages to English can be pretty difficult and sometimes loses the intent or weight it carries. Sorry if it looked like I ranted, but please let us stop using that scripture after all they wear skirt in Poland and it is their traditional costume.
      Beautiful blog Nonso! Just came across it. You’ve got a follower!


  2. Sad that we have limited our Christianity to our traditional beliefs. The Bible does say a man shd NT wear what women wear and vice versa in the OT. But that’s a question of what are clothes for men and those for the women. Trousers are NOT clothes exclusive to men. Watch it, those ones that say women should not wear trousers to church do give cahoots about what the ladies wear outside church. I go to one of these churches, ( by choice, mind you, but because my family goes there, and I can’t wait to leave home) and they say the teens and youths shdnt wear trousers to church on Sundays. But when teens come for events during the week and all the extracurricular, there are no restrictions to what they wear, even if it’s on the church premises. The lawmakers’ children champion this blatant disregard for the “antitrouser law”. Tell me, what is hypocrisy again?


  3. He sounds like one with an itsy bitsy ego along with every other thing that we can call itsy bitsy…like his feet…lol. I think if men like him are upset they should wear skirts, wear bum shorts, wear swim suits basically any outfit a lady would have on and if they don’t then they should swallow a grenade.
    Oh hi Nonso.



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