Dear Diary,

        Where have all the singing boys gone? Did the world grow tired of seeing pretty Irish and American boys with silly choreographed music videos, pretty little voices and slightly higher-than-normal tendencies to not age well group themselves into boy bands to cover up their lack of actual talent?

Was that too much grammar for you?

OK. Westlife.


Remember that time they were all over the place? Everyone used to sing-along-ding-dong to their hit songs (mostly covered versions of other people’s songs). I didn’t fancy them that much but I won’t lie, I loved some of their songs. I looooooved the one they did with Mariah Carey, and I loved “Ooh Mandy since you came and you gave without taking….”. Ego my dear sister (whose picture I shall insert below)

used to buy those softsell pop song books and have vigil rehearsals singing everyone of Westlife and Backstreet Boys’ songs.

Speaking of has been boy band sensations. Where on earth have the Backstreet Boys gone to?


Them, I liked. Larger than life, I want it that way, Show me the meaning of being lonely…., and others. Oh I loved me some good ol’ Backstreet Boys songs back in the day. They were so relevant then.

I also loved Blue.
Blue, anyone?


Eyaaa, they sang one song I really love till now. “If it’s wrong to tell the truth, what am I supposed to do, cause all I wanna do is speak my mind. If it’s wrong to do what’s right, something something testify, if loving you with all my heart’s a crime, then I’m guilty.”
Don’t you just just love the British?!

I also heard of Boyzone.


Anyone know who that is?
Me neither.
But remember what I said about these boy band boys not aging well.


They look like your father’s creepy white colleagues at the office that went out to sing karaoke and because they got a few claps, they decided music was suddenly for them.

Oh well.

Blackstreet Boys?


Blackstreet Boys?



Ummm….what about Boy Bands that disappeared leaving one man to stand as a beacon to the world? E.g. N’sync that died but Justin Timberlake still lives.


Which N’sync song does anyone even know sef?

What about our own Plantashun Boiz? Tacky as hell stage name though. Tuface, Faze and Blackface.


So far. Only Tuface lives. And boy, does he live!!!

Styl Plus.


I mourn their demise more than every other boy band in the world cause they were special. They could sing, their songs were beautiful. I don’t know what happened to them till now.
Styl Plus, wherever you are. You may never be HUGE again as a group but I enjoyed your time in the light.

The world seems to have gotten bored of boy bands. So I wonder what One Direction’s plan is. And my dear friends who are still thinking of starting groups like that. Please don’t.


15 thoughts on “

  1. I loved boy bands!!!! And trust me your sis wasn’t alone in the westlife virgils back then. I still miss Styl Plus tho, they were the best and no other band has been able to deliver like them. Nsync was cool too I loved “bye bye” before JT pulled a Beyonce. One Direction has potentials but I still hate them, the hype is just annoying..


  2. I really miss boy bands tho… Styl Plus was epic. Say hi to your sister cos she definitely wasnt alone in the westlife virgils lol. Nsync was awesome back in the day’s too I loved “bye bye bye” and btw one direction is cool but I can never be a fan *rme* too much hype.


  3. I think One direction still has a lot of potential. There’s also the Wanted, who are ok and Fun(who are a boy band-sort of). I don’t think that we have completely seen the end of boy bands.

    Most boy bands are no longer ‘boy bands’, when they loose their boyish looks, character and voice, which is what got their audience/fans attracted to them, unless they can re-invent themselves. (Miley, Bieber)

    It won’t be a bad idea to have another Styl Plus like boy band in Nigeria, at least I won’t have to listen to all this tumber, tumber naija songs that people call music.


  4. I recognize only one group…Hmmn! Going down memory lane and I remember how much I loved me them “Backstreet Boys” say what now?! I had them books of lyrics. I wasn’t satisfied as the books had errors so I’d go outta my way and write the lyrics out again while listening to them in my dad’s car as I played the tapes and paused it to write and played on and on like that till I was done (been scoring songs forever mehn!). Had their posters and my cousins had their CD’s. We even dressed like them every now and then all them baggy tees and jeans. CHAI!!! One of my closest of buds who was on my case back then (JSS1 toasting things, LMAO!) also printed out lyrics of their songs cause he loves them so much, even when he wrote me letters there was that Backstreet Boys feel to it.

    On all them groups that fade and one man stands out well look at the dudes that do and those that don’t (they always ugly).

    About Styl Plus, I miss them and want them back…NOW!!!



  5. I kw an nsync song o “d middle of d nite,is he gonna b by ur side or wud he run nd hide..I’ve got an idea,y don’t u b ma girlfrnd”……lalalalala,nd wut do u mean no comment on boyz11men??,don’t try me o nonso + I mourn style plus wit u oo *cryn*sniffin..tis well


    • I expected you to say something and you did not disappoint.

      Of course only you in this world would know an N’sync song. Chai!!!

      Of which, you missed our Sunday-Sunday argument over music o. Ayo said Beyoncé ‘s singing is basic and Rihanna’s singing is exceptional. I know you would have sided with him. Me, I was about to tear shirt in that car!!!!



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