Happy Things today.

Dear Diary,

     Here are a few things I love today.

1. Family.
     Happy Birthday to my beautiful little (not-so-little) sister Obumneke Deborah Iwuchukwu.


If I had favourite sisters (which I don’t) she’d be it.
Ego no vex. It ain’t you.


Debby, I’d totally call you but alas, you’ve gone through more phone numbers than George Clooney has had girlfriends. Hence, I do not have a number to reach you with. But happy birthday sweet little lady.


2. Speaking of family, isn’t this simply a vision?


I know her. I totally know her. God. I know people that look this good.
She is a fashion designer.

I mean, of course she is.

I hope to God I look this good at his age and have a woman that looks this good and have children that look this good.
Le sigh.

3. Music.
My friend. Yes. My friend, Phrance


Fancy name, right?
Phrance is an amazing rockstar in the making. He just released this song that has made my day. The song is called “Ocho”. It is deep, beautiful, powerful, thought-and-tear-provoking.  

You know what?
Here’s the link.
»» http://t.co/WNKqq2WH7y #RockMusic

You’re welcome.

4. Work.

Got my payslip today.


Tank you JESUS!!!!! That 10 naira beside it is all the kish I have left. Talk about living from hand to mouth. LoL.


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