If Everyone’s A Blogger Who Then’s The Reader?

Dear Diary,

          If everyone today is a blogger, who then will perform the highly rated and important task of reading, responding, critiquing and discussing? No doubt I have read many amazing blogs about different subject matters, but the thing is everyone wants in on the writing action despite their writing abilities or lack of.

Last time I talked about fashion and how everyone and their mothers have started fashion houses. And of course all the colourful boys have now become stylists and all the long-legged girls models.

Of course there’s also music. Everyone wants in on the get-rich-and-famous-quick scheme that is the Nigerian Music Industry. And just like most blogs and fashion houses out there, very few artistes pay attention to detail, and subject matter and lyrical content and vocal dexterity. They just go in high, bang on a beat and BAM, we have a hit.

0% Originality.

Whatever happened to the arts?

Everyone is copying the other. No one is original. Everything is the same. I mean, there are the real talented ones, the originals. But for 1 true artist, there are 5 copies. It is all so…so….
I can’t think of a word.

That time everyone wanted to be a lawyer or doctor or engineer. At least everyone’s parents wanted that. And being an artist meant poverty and shame. But now that the arts have proven to be lucrative, more people seemingly want a place in the arts. Of course by arts I’m referring to music, fashion, literature and all other genres.
No one wants to be a farmer, or teacher, or mechanic. They aren’t tush enough. We seem to forget that these are the bedrock of every society.

If everyone sings, who will produce the food?
If everyone acts, who will teach our children to make our nation better than we have left it?
If everyone is an engineer, by all means who will plan our weddings and parties and other events?

At this point I’m done ranting. I’m on to read more blogs. You get my point.



12 thoughts on “If Everyone’s A Blogger Who Then’s The Reader?

  1. This is the first blog i have actually read!!!! I have a quick bash at all of them but yours well really got me interested! Its good to read something thats not about fashion!!! I’m not a sheep and 9 times out of 10 i dont even like the fashion! Aslong as i look good im happy! Keep your blogs coming!



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