New House. New Marriages. New Beginnings.

Dear Readers,

      I haven’t told you I’ve moved houses.

I thought I’d have attachment issues, so  stalled moving because I guess it’s never easy saying goodbye to a place you’ve called home for over a year. The damn house had rats, mosquitoes, roaches, and of course became an extension of the river Nile everytime it rained, but I still loved it.
I never got to say goodbye to Nkechi my pet house rat. Can’t say I’ll miss her much. But my neighbourhood pet dog, Ultimate I shall miss. Now I’m out I don’t feel so attached anymore.

So this is a toast to new beginnings.


My new little room, my friends that got married this month; Patrick & Seunfunmi, Iserena & Johnson,


Jerry & Chiaka,


Kim & Kanye my very best friends.


To new experiences, a fresh adventure, little beginnings. May we all find joy and fulfilment along the way.
Thank you to all of y’all who read my journal.
Thank you.

The responses. The love. The numerous BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, email and blog comments, opinions, hate, critiquing and love have all been taken in good faith.



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