Ama and her 5 birthday cakes.

Dear Diary,

         Whilst I was here fantasising about cakes and mourning the new wave of cake making wherein the bakers make Less Cake and More Cream, my dear friend Ama Hogan decided to taunt me.


It was her birthday last Saturday, and being the popular girl she is in the East London scene, or something like that, she got 5 cakes.


5 CAKES!!! Ice cream cake, red velvet butter cake, white forest cake and chocolate cake.
I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!






She didn’t have the decency to send me some. She instead decided to send me all the photos.

What are we supposed to do with mere pictures?
Don’t we hate her??!!!


One thought on “Ama and her 5 birthday cakes.

  1. Ama looks familiar. She in the Dome choir?
    I thank her for taunting you if anything because you have been unfair to me.
    On that note happy belated birthday Ama.
    Many more cake filled years to come. 🙂



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