Kayito Updates

Dear Diary,

          Let me bring you up to speed.

I didn’t ask Nonso to put up those pictures. I don’t know who sent him message. The one I’d ask him to do, he won’t do. 
I’m saying this because I hate those pictures. That was me, then. I’m such a sight to behold now.

God will punish you if you rolled your eyes.

Just kidding.

I just love weekends. You take some days off work to rest, reflect, and reboot. Or party.
Or have sex. 

Whatever makes you happy.

For me, it happens to be fashion. Not just weekends, but every friggin day.

The CFDA awards was this week. For those of you that care, it is the Oscars of the fashion industry. Here are some of the attendees: 

My girl, Rihanna, who nabbed fashion icon. Well deserved.


Tom ford (lifetime achievement award winner) and his skeletal “husband”, Richard Buckley,


Witches of East end sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, won for ridiculously expensive accessories,


The real-life Barbie, Blake lively, with designer Michael kors, 


The number one model in the world right now, Joan smalls, with designer Prabal gurung, 


Super models Tyson beckford and Naomi Campbell (no, they aren’t dating. She is looking for billionaire prick.) 


Jennifer Hudson. Werq, honey.


Our gangsta friend, solange knowles, with Calvin Klein designer, Francisco costa, 


The woman that allegedly caused the cata-cata between solange and jay-z, designer Rachel Roy, with john legend’s wife Chrissy tiegen, 


And one of the few black talents in fashion right now, shayne Oliver, designer for hood by air.


Ps: he is so gay.

Fashion sha. I’ll get there soon.

It’s been raining since Wednesday. Cloth way I wash since never dry. E be like say I go wear wet cloth go church tomorrow. 

Till next week, ciao.


One thought on “Kayito Updates

  1. Note to Nonso. Edit what you put up on YOUR blog, it’s yours so yes you can edit whatever would be read by YOUR readers. I say so because of language being used.



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