Which do you prefer; the original song or the cover?

Dear Diary,

        Happy Sunday to you. It’s a happy day, isn’t it? A restful day. I feel it. Had a wonderful time in God’s presence.

Anyway, a radio show I was listening to this afternoon sparked something I wanna evaluate.
Songs whose original versions trump all covers and songs whose covers trump the originals.


Herein are songs whose original singers killed so much so that nobody else can sing ’em better and no one else can ever outdo the original.

1. Whitney Houston. I have nothing.


I dare you to find me a better version of this.

2. Beyoncé’s….actually I haven’t heard any cover better than any of her original songs.


Maybe you have. I haven’t.

3. Mariah Carey. My All.


Not even she has been able to sing that song properly again.

4. Michael Jackson. Hold Me.


This song is just epic. Simply put.

5. Toni Braxton. Unbreak my heart.


First off, she looks like a cross between a young Vivica Fox and Halle Berry.

Then, I’m sorry. Toni killed that song mehn!!!


This is all them songs that were resung and KILLED by artists other than the original, and whose versions are generally preferred over the original by a larger number of people.

1. Whitney Houston. I will always love you.


The original song was performed by Dolly Parton. Did you know?

2. Michael Bolton. When a man loves a woman.


Percy Sledge performed it first.


I know right.

3. Alexandre Burke. Hallelujah.


Tha original was performed by Jeff Buckley in 1970 something or so. Who cares? Alexandre’s version is just EVERYTHING.

4. Céline Dion. Power of Love.


Bet you didn’t know that it was a cover version of Jennifer Rush’s own original sometime in the 80s.
But Céline sang the hell outta that song though. I had this classmate in primary school who would sing it everyday and cry. What the hell did she know of love?

5. Pentatonix cover versions of mostly every song they sing.


That group is amazing.

Have I missed any?


10 thoughts on “Which do you prefer; the original song or the cover?

  1. Abeg haven’t you heard Niyola’s cover of Beyonce’s Drunk In Love? Niyola made me love that song. And yes, that album cover looks too much like Halle Berry to be Toni Braxton. Scratch that, I looked at it again. It IS Halle Berry.


  2. Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of Hold Me at Michael Jackson’s funeral is still better than Michael Jackson’s own. No disrespect to the dearly departed King of Pop. But J-Hud gave me goosebumps!!

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  3. This list is one part fucked and erroneous and one part somewhat true.
    Yes, Toni’s Unbreak My Heart can’t be done by anyone else. But Beyoncé is simply overrated. American Idol contestants sing her songs better than she does.
    I heard Jennifer Rush’s original ‘Power of Love’, couldn’t decide what I thought about it, but it was a hit back in the day so people must love it.

    What’s the point of this anyway?


  4. Hi Nonso,
    First off that looked nothing like Toni Braxton, kept looking at the picture saying that’s Halle Berry na.

    Now about “covers over originals” don’t come and spoil it for me joor. As far as am concerned “I will always love you is by Whitney and same applies to Michael Bolton..DAZALL!

    I bless the day I stumbled upon the “Pentatonix” and of course a Nigerian doing us proud as well 🙂


    • Kevin Olusola might bear a Nigerian name, but he really shouldn’t be called a Nigerian because that’s as far as his roots go, the name. That said, Pentatonix is the awesomest. I loved The Jewish ACAPELLA, but Pentatonix came and took my heart. The list is cool…and yes! She looks too much like Halle Berry in that pic!



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