Don’t Mess With Anyone Named Tchina!!!

Dear Diary,

I bet you will have the same response as I did when I first read this. 

Here goes.

So a certain rapper best known for dating Khloe Kardashian, French Montana posted a rather unflattering photo of Everybody Hates Chris actress, Tchina Arnold and joked thus:
“I wish Martin could see this right now. He would tear her ass up.”


Tchina responded thus:



So here is my carefully outlined take on this.

1. Who the hell is French Montana?
2. Really, who is French Montana?
3. Never EVER mouth off on anyone named Tchina!!!
4. Tchina is a GHETTO AS HELL name.
5. You don’t need to be foul-mouthed to finish someone. For further education, please watch a few episodes of Downton Abbey and take a cue from the Aristocratic post-Edwardian English folks.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Anyone Named Tchina!!!

  1. EWOOOO!!! My heart goes out to French Tana….hehehe! Just thought I’d have a laugh.

    How bad was the picture cause am guessing that’s not the unflattering one you mentioned?

    Poor French dude got his behind smacked about the place. SMH!

    Honestly though who is French Mon? I think they should do a “Yo’mama” battle out. What do you think?

    About her name yea it’s ghetto, but her money ain’t. HAAA!



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