Dear Diary,


TLC said it all. A bit by bit breakdown of who a scrub really is.


Don’t you just love those good old songs that define and explain every word we danced to in excruciatingly painful detail?

Listed below are the characteristics of a scrub.
See if you fit in.

1. A scrub thinks he’s fly.
Apparently such is an illusion because none of the classy ladies see him for the fly fella he thinks he is.

2. He is also known as a busta. I wonder if Busta Rhymes is a scrub that rhymes.

3. He is always talking about what he wants. Basically he talks a good game, classic case of a big dreamer who does absolutely nothing to achieve them.


4. Hence, he sits on his broke ass.

5. His game is weak. Hence he cannot approach a lady with much success. He probably is one of those fellas with lame pickup lines such as “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” OR “Can I get your number? I lost mine in the ocean.”

6. He looks like trash and is a deadbeat.


7. He hasn’t got a car, so he has to walk. I don’t know why exactly this is a problem. Not everyone can or should have a car. Too many cars pollute the ozone layer. #SAVETHEPLANET

8. He lives at home with his mother. #FailureToLaunch


9. He has a woman but shows her no love and is soliciting the sexual attention of other women. Also known as a two-timing no-good guy.


10. He is broke and putting up airs to attract the attention of a classy lady.


For all of these, a scrub is thus
11. A guy that cannot get any love or appreciation from a classy lady.
12.  He hangs on the passenger side of his friend’s ride trying to secure attention from classy ladies.


Now I have broken it down for y’all, be true to yourselves. On a scale of 1 to a dirty toilet brush, how much of a scrub are you?

And since classy ladies don’t go for scrubs, what then do we call those ladies who do?


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