Dear Sir, I Quit!!

Dear Diary,

     Why is everyone quitting their jobs?


Did everyone else but me just decide they deserve better than what they’ve been given at their respective places of work and all decided to go gangsta and QUIT?

Was with Kayito last night waiting to see The Think Like A Man Too movie and we got talking. He told me he up and quit his job, basically cause his boss is a ‘B’ word, amongst other reasons. He’s gotten other offers already, you know, being quite useful in fashion and all…you get those coming on the regular. And I was relaying to him my own job woes and the possibility of doing the same.

Then Jim, a mutual friend of ours ran into us, after all these years, and the first thing that he blurted out was “I just quit my job!”


You can imagine the look that would have been on my face at that moment.

But wait though…

What are we, a generation of quitters?

Dayo told me he quit his job in Abuja.
Stacey quit hers too, to follow her dream. 
Joshua, our friend, well, his right hand quit being useful to him when he was involved in a terrible car accident recently. But that’s only temporary because it has agreed to come back to work as long as it has finished enjoying its sick leave.

But what the actual hell is going on here? Why is we all quitting, honey?

Of course after hearing Jim’s numerous reasons for quitting, it seemed justified, and we gave him the Oprah hug….you know…..that one where you think she wants to hug you but as soon as you lean in for the hug she grabs both your hands instead, squeezes them while she’s shaking you vigorously and saying in that her deep voice “Good for You! Good for You!!!”

It’s official. The Oprah hug is now a thing!!!

Dayo has another offer in France. Good for him!!

Kayito has another job offer he’s starting off with soon. Good for him!!!

Jim, hasn’t gotten any offer flying around his head waiting for him. But I’m sure he’ll get something soon. He’s very hard-working. So he needs to use this period wisely to get the old work blues and worked up issues out his system so he can be ready for whatever newness God has for him. Then it will be Good for him.

I hope Stacey finds fulfilment and is able to pay her bills too.

And Joshua’s hand. Well…it’ll be back shortly, so, Good for Josh!!!



Well, I’m still thinking about it. I have life fright and attachment issues. But I know I will do what is best for me real soon.



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