What is Talent anyway?

Dear Diary,


I don’t believe all God-given talents are arts-inclined. I haven’t given this much thought before though, but whenever anyone complains to me that they have no talent, they often mean that they cannot sing, dance, sculpt, paint, design or be funny. I really want to tell them that talents are many and varied far beyond the arts but I have grown up in a society that only defines talent as God-given artistic or athletic abilities.

What other talents are there?

Media today has spurned numerous ‘talent’ shows. Basically, these focus on singing and dancing. Then of course there are the fashion designer competition shows, the cooking shows. There are the actors and the other movie/play making related vocations, there are the writers, the painters, the photographers.

What else am I not yet saying?

Models, well, theirs is really no a talent, is it?

I mean, is it a talent to be beautiful and have a great body? For every model we know, there are about a million others we do not know with better bodies, but they are not models. If every pretty girl or jock with a stunning body decided to become a model, I think there would be a problem. There wouldn’t be enough runways for them.


Anyway, apart from these ‘showbiz’ talents, what others are there? This is not me trying to give a blogger’s to society’s questions. This is me asking the society to educate me.

So PLEASE, educate me. What other talents are there?


5 thoughts on “What is Talent anyway?

  1. I (used to) sing and now iWrite but I’ve realized that iPay serious attention even to the teeniest detail. Now that’s a talent and it only took me now to realize it.


  2. Hey Nonso,
    I thank you for this piece and as always for me the media seems to just have its’ way. It has streamlined what talent is all about. Hence it resting solely on the arts. I believe talent is something you are especially good at. Everyone can probably do it, but not the way you would. For you it is more fluid not tedious. You possess that extra something; more knowledge or ability. Well that’s what I see it as, but like you I too want to know what it is so looking forward to more comments.



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