Bad joke gone viral, thanks for nothing fat man

Dear Diary,

There’s this fat man with a walking stick that keeps coming to my office, not sure what he keeps coming for, but he does. And every time he comes he would crack this very unfunny joke to me;

“When is the flight? I thought you said I should come, I waited and waited and then they told me the flight has already left. Why now?”


It was really not funny or sensible to me, considering the fact that I do not work with any airline…amongst other reasons. But after some time, I got that he was trying to be pleasant, and then gradually this his banal flight joke became funny.

It was endearing the first time.

The second time, it was funny.

The third time, it started to lose its comedy to me, but I stayed smiling.

He has used the same flight joke on me more than 15 times since then. And every time he does, I’m like


I prayed he would stop.
Then one day I went to another department to do some work stuff, I met him there, fat man with his walking stick and briefcase. And to my dismay, he was using our flight joke on someone else.


I was hurt.

Why the hell was I hurt, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why.
That joke was drab, banal and stupid, but it was OUR stupid banal joke. It was supposed to be our special banal joke but he was using it on someone else. Of course I felt betrayed. I am only human.

You don’t use our special joke on someone else. You don’t!!
You just dont!!!

Now whenever he tries that stupid joke on me, I don’t smile, fake smile or laugh. I go straight to “Good day sir, can I help you?”



9 thoughts on “Bad joke gone viral, thanks for nothing fat man

  1. Seriously,
    What’s it with old men cheating these days. I have one like that.
    This one used to call me his sugar pie and sugar bear, until one day I visited a government office for some yeye transaction like this, and there was my old man calling another woman his sugar bear… Needless to say, my world came down crashing before my eyes…lol
    As annoying as such senior citizens can be sometimes, we really will miss them when they’re no more…
    You can read about my own old man here

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