I like you. Say yes or No.

If I’m gonna confess how I feel about you to you, be mature and accept or decline. Do not make stupid jokes about it. =|

Imagine telling someone you like them and all they have to say is “It’s just a crush, not a matter for litigation. It will pass. *wine emoticon*

Don’t you just wanna smash their heads in?

I do.

But she’s a girl.

Feminists and the rest of society would have my head.


3 thoughts on “I like you. Say yes or No.

  1. Well, I for one believe if you do such then time will tell how for real your feelings are and besides actions they say speaks louder than words so hey she thinks you are just in a phase well then doesn’t mean you’ll just throw in the towel. Handle your biz…. I mean if we ask our dads’ what it took them to get our mums’ you’d be amazed.


    • Well, I didn’t see that coming.
      Now my perspective has changed.

      Truth is, there are certain people I’d take a witty response from. Those are people who from the get-go attracted me with their wit and intelligence. So I’d be foolish to not expect such an answer from them.

      But not this very girl in person.



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