Why Do Pastors Pray Over New Cars?

Dear Diary,

     On the Nigerian tradition of getting Pastoral blessing on brand new purchased cars, I write.

Why do we do that? Why do we call our Pastors to bless our cars whenever we buy them? I find it fundamentally wrong and misguided.

No matter how expensive a car is, it still remains a material possession. Do we call our Pastors to bless all other materials purchases we make such as socks, paintings, jewellery, clothes, cooking utensils and TVs? Why is the car any different?

Is it because of the social status we place on automobiles and the people who purchase them?
Someone tell me why we
1. Call the Pastor to bless our new cars.
2. Don’t call the Pastor to bless every other thing we purchase. If we really valued his blessing, we might as well go the entire way, get the man of God to bless every recharge card voucher before we load it in our phones.


12 thoughts on “Why Do Pastors Pray Over New Cars?

  1. I think its a matter of choice. Some people don’t ask their pastors to pray over their cars, some do. I don’t see it as “fundamentally wrong.”

    Second, its a sort of milestone as opposed to buying a generator which is a common fixture these days.

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    • You really think buying a car is not common fixture these days? I wonder where you live then. Forget the Island and highbrow Mainland environs. Come to Ajao Estate, Isolo, Okota, Ago, Amuwo-Odofin, Festac, Alakija… wa rii ran!


  2. Ha! Call the Pastor to pray over the recharge cards, nice one. I think its just a matter of tradition which we have developed overtime. The same thing happens when people buy houses, but praying for new cars is more popular. Cars and houses are seen as major milestones especially in the 80’s and 90’s when owning a car was a rite of passing, thus the reason why people call their Pastors to pray.


  3. My thoughts exactly. You know people even give “offerings” in that regard? Some churches even request it, others command it. Don’t send a car key without an envelope. Then my Bishop would say, an offering that befits the grade/quality/status of car you just acquired. Don’t give 10 thousand for a car of 5 million, it’s not quality enough!

    See, I’ve not been to church (my church) like four, five weeks now. I’ve jez really had it with the place. And iFind me questioning the tenets upon which Christianity was founded. That is not a good thang and even I, know it buh the way these modern clergies and denominational churches practice it? It really beats me.

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    • This, dear boy is why I worship where I do. At The Waterbrook Church, all traditional tenets of religion are scrapped. No time for drama abeg.

      You know how I even got inspired to write about this? My Pastor mentioned it.


  4. R u really thus ignorant? They do not ask the poster to bless the automobile, but to cover/protect it with the blood of Jesus , considering they would be travelling with the cars. Questioning that is like questioning the reason why people pray before they start a journey. They cover the car so they don’t hv accidents in the car or so it is not stolen by robbers etc.


    • If that be the case Mr Knowledgeable, why do we not call the Pastors to come cover our gas cylinders and generators with the blood of Jesus so they will not explode and destroy us and our homes? Why do our wives and mothers not call the Pastors to come cover their really expensive gold and diamond jewellery with the blood of Jesus so they will not be robbed of them?

      Why do we need the Pastors to come perform such prayers anyway? Is it not the same Spirit of God in them that is supposed to be in the rest of us as sons of God?
      Please answer this.

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    • Ignorant? Really?! How abeg? If anything you failed to understand what he is on about which apparently makes perfect sense to everyone else, but you..hmmn! Now why is that you think?
      I mean do you call your pastor to “cover/protect” your food before eating?
      Like you said people pray before they start a journey, EXACTLY! So why is this any different where you HAVE to get the pastor to do so for you? Hasn’t God given you the power to “cover /protect” all you have? He didn’t bless pastors with the authority, but man.

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