Butts. Bodypart or Pop Culture fashion accessory?

Dear Diary,


This year, the butt has been catapulted to SUPER number one must-have body part status, thanks to Nicki Minaj’s buns hun, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azelea’s combined booty effort and now this. Kim’s Internet-breaking Kardashians.
Black pop culture has always been all about the gangsta, the ratchet, the sass-mouthin, neck-rollin, girrrl-callin, finger-snappin, ass-whoopin way of being, and of course, the booty.
Now it is generally cool to have a big behind.

*Who is behind these trends anyway? Who determines what is cool and what isn’t?
*What’s gonna happen to those who don’t have big butts?
*What about those who spend hilarious sums of money to get butt implants and die?
*What happens to the butt when butts become “so last fall”?

There was this guy I saw on TV that spent $30,000 to look like Justin Bieber then when JB was EVERYTHING. But now that he isn’t how does creepy 30 year old Justin Bieber wannabe with incredibly high Cher-like cheekbones feel when he walks down the street and no one seems to acknowledge OR EVEN CARE that he looks like Justin Bieber?
Butts are not a statement. Butts are not a fashion accessory. Butts are not suddenly a cool thing to have (that’ll only be ditched soon after Kim Kardashian, JLo and Nicki lose importance), so they show stop being treated as such.
Black people have generally carried larger butts than the rest of humanity behind them for centuries. Why is it suddenly something pop culture raves about and will ditch for some other stupid trend once someone else catches its fickle interest?


One thought on “Butts. Bodypart or Pop Culture fashion accessory?

  1. To your question- it is the way of the world.
    What’s popular today is mainstream tomorrow. But in so many ways, that’s good.
    So many people before who had big bodies have felt extremely self conscious. This is justification.
    For the others, something will come along soon, always does, that provides them justification too.



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