Avoid Swindlers 101

Dear Lagosians,
* You’re walking down the road or street, MOST LIKELY in possession of a bag, and anyone asks you for directions 
* The place in question would usually sound strange, like Ebony clinic on Awolowo Road, or a famous TV doctor in Idi-Araba, Mushin. 
* You’re kind enough to give off 5 seconds of your time to help someone who seems genuinely in need of direction. 
* Almost automatically someone passes by and seems to know the place and is trying to direct you both to the place…or surreptitiously ‘agrees’ to take you both there on the condition that he or she would be compensated. The ease with which stranger #2 slides into the conversation may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. So. Beware. 
* The stranger #1 asks you with a shaky begging voice to accompany him to the place because he is from an obscure little village in Osun State and they have heard bad stories about the big city or she is from Togo and doesn’t speak enough English to guarantee that she will find that damn clinic (yet her accent is peculiarly Nigerian). And of course you would be the first kind person that offered to help them out in their time of desperation and confusion so they can only trust you and no one else. 
By paying heed to my warning, you would have saved yourself the terrible, terrible experience of being robbed, kidnapped, swindled or killed. 
By making sure you get your friends and family to read this, or by telling them about this, you would have saved them the terrible experience of being robbed, kidnapped, swindled or killed. 
The last month of the year is here. Please, endeavor to not get robbed, kidnapped, swindled, or killed.

2 thoughts on “Avoid Swindlers 101

  1. Hmmmn! Nonso in this very Lekki is where I think it happens the most cause I have had a fare share of experiences, thank God I have always been able to get out of the situation with my whole self and my sanity.
    Everyone wants to make it out there.
    The pressure to get to the top is on!!
    That’s why often times when I see/hear people going on about “rich people” they know nothing about and be all I wish….. have you stopped yourself to think about how they actually make/made it?
    Half the time they are “self-employed”, but you still can’t place your finger on what it is they do.
    The periods it happened wasn’t even around December, early in the year o. What you think they won’t change their strategy?!
    Especially when they know people are more aware now.
    We really need to be alert in these days to come cause all sorts are about to happen….just when you think you’ve seen/heard it all.



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