Harmattan Fashion

Dear Diary,
Happy New Year.  I took a long hiatus from journaling my thoughts and experiences and hopes and fears. Now I’m back. Partly because I decided to stop making excuses, and also because I have been hounded to the point of exhaustion. So I won’t think too much. I will just write.

Harmattan this year isn’t extremely harsh. Thankfully so. I’ve always hated the season. The extreme dryness has always been the bane of my existence.

Until I discovered the beenie. 


Actually I discovered the beenie last year when I started working out. Then I realised the power of the ease of sweatpants and a sports tank top.

I digress.

I like looking like a bum lately. It’s a very comfy way to look; unbathed, a little scruffy post-workout hotness. Hence, The beenie is my fashion accessory of the season. Plus, it gets dreadfully cold in the morning up until after noon.
Yesterday I rocked a beenie to work. It got rave reviews at work. Of course no-one else would wear one. So they all asked if I was just returning from the US or SA.



Looks great, don’t it?

Anyway, Fall/Winter is THE season for fashion. And here where we live in the Tropics, Harmattan is as close as it gets to Fall. So ladies and gentlemen, WEAR THAT FASHION!!
Don’t just wear dowdy sweaters. Wear the hell out of them sweaters. Layer your clothing. Wear denim jackets. Now is the only time to wear a scarf and not look like you’re trying too hard. Ladies wear your father’s or brother’s or boyfriend’s jacket over skinny jeans and a pair of heels. Go out with messy hair.
It’s cold. Dress up!!!

P.S. when the afternoon heat sets in. You’re strictly on your own.


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