Dear Diary,

     Little Joel died yesterday. He had cancer. He was 5.

Neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial solid cancer in childhood and the most common cancer in infancy.

I know little Joel’s father; a young, passionate and gentle man who always smiles and is good to everyone. He never told me of Little Joel until a few weeks before his death. Now I wish I knew him. I wish I had bought him a sweater or a beenie. I wish I could have taken him to see the Lego movie or Maleficent.  I could have told him about the Universe and the planets.
Or just what a wonderful man his father is.

I never met his mother. But I could have been her friend. We would have diced meat together, laugh at Yoruba movie acting and subtitles together. I could have helped her carry Little Joel when she was tired.

I could have been there.

Dear Little Joel’s Dad. I know you don’t like a lot of attention.  But I will pray for you. You will heal. Someday.  Somehow. Little Joel is laughing and playing with the angels now.
I know you spent all you had to save his life. But it is not in vain. God has seen your love. He will comfort you, and reward you.

It may not seem so. But it will be alright.



11 thoughts on “RIP LITTLE JOEL

  1. Dear writer, thank you for putting my thoughts into words.

    Akinlowo, you know how much I love you and Joel; how much I admire the courage of both of you, the dedication of his mother.I’ll be praying for all of you who’s lives Joel has left an indelible mark and vacuum in. May God comfort you and give you his peace.


  2. People don’t heal from these things. They just learn to live with them. I don’t know this family but I am absolutely gutted. Only the heavens can ease the pain they feel right now. I don’t know the half of that pain either.
    I’m a dad I love my son. Enuff said.

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