Dear Diary,

     Little Joel died yesterday. He had cancer. He was 5.

Neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial solid cancer in childhood and the most common cancer in infancy.

I know little Joel’s father; a young, passionate and gentle man who always smiles and is good to everyone. He never told me of Little Joel until a few weeks before his death. Now I wish I knew him. I wish I had bought him a sweater or a beenie. I wish I could have taken him to see the Lego movie or Maleficent.  I could have told him about the Universe and the planets.
Or just what a wonderful man his father is.

I never met his mother. But I could have been her friend. We would have diced meat together, laugh at Yoruba movie acting and subtitles together. I could have helped her carry Little Joel when she was tired.

I could have been there.

Dear Little Joel’s Dad. I know you don’t like a lot of attention.  But I will pray for you. You will heal. Someday.  Somehow. Little Joel is laughing and playing with the angels now.
I know you spent all you had to save his life. But it is not in vain. God has seen your love. He will comfort you, and reward you.

It may not seem so. But it will be alright.



I like you. Say yes or No.

If I’m gonna confess how I feel about you to you, be mature and accept or decline. Do not make stupid jokes about it. =|

Imagine telling someone you like them and all they have to say is “It’s just a crush, not a matter for litigation. It will pass. *wine emoticon*

Don’t you just wanna smash their heads in?

I do.

But she’s a girl.

Feminists and the rest of society would have my head.

A classy WEDnesday WEDding

Dear Diary,

          I was invited to sing at a wedding on Wednesday. I thought it a little weird for a wedding to take place on a Wednesday evening, but then I figured…it’s a WEDnesday, so I guessed it made perfect sense.


It was in Ikoyi. The setup was simple, classy and smelled of OLD money. That’s the best kind. Subtle and not at all ostentatious. 

The wedding was out under the trees overlooking the wavy waters and the reception was on the other side of the fenced divide. I met the groom, thought he was very practical coming straight from work in his green shirt and tie until it dawned on me that green was the colour of the evening. I felt so out of place in the blue something I wore.

Speaking of practicality, there were no bridesmaids or groomsmen. I heaved a heavy sigh of relief. I am so over the bridesmaid/maid of honour-Groosmen/best man tradition.

Champagne was in abundance. The venue overlooked the water dividing Ikoyi and Victoria Island. The couple said their vows under a mango tree and a palm tree both whistling and dancing in the ocean wind.
The guests were few, thank God, and everyone spoke proper English and said ‘please’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’.
Other than the waves splashing salt water on my face every now and then, I’d say the event went on without a hitch.


So here I was at this fabulous wedding and the food menu promised so much artistic and culinary wonder and all I just wanted to eat right now is Agege bread. Someone stab me in the foot already. You can take the man out of the bush, but….you know…


The DJ started playing a Psquare song and the groom freaked. “NO NIGERIAN SONGS PLEASE!!!”


LoL. I wasn’t surprised, both bride and groom, most of they family and friends came in from abroad. I ain’t judging.

I ate Herbed Basmati rice, beef roulade with salsa, a peculiar kind of salad I haven’t seen before, plantain slices and chicken in groundnut sauce. Hmmmm.
I missed the chocolate cake but was consoled with a healthy helping of red velvet cake with ice cream and wafers.
Hmmm. I will stop at this point. The bushman in me is coming up and out of control thinking about this.


Island weddings rock!!!

I popped the question.

Dear Diary,

I fake proposed to the love of my life yesterday.


You never met her.


Her name is Faith.

She is beautiful. And funny. And smart. And witty. And petite. And.
She is amazing.

And she said yes.


Together we shall rule my DREAMS forever!!!



p.s. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents. Y’all have been the parents of my life, literally.