On Psquare’s Testimony Lyrics

Now Dear Diary,

Today we will talk lyrics. Psquare. Testimony.


     Let us talk about the lyrics of this hit song and try to explain them to see if they make sense in reality, or not.

So the chorus says
Now I’m giving my testimony o“. Hence Peter and Paul have gone through some hard times and have emerged victorious and are here to encourage us with their testimony.
I’m killing the beat and i’m giving them hit o…eeeeh“. Well, they are hip artists and they create hit music from whatever beat comes their way. Good for them.
Now i’m giving them everything o…oooo
I’m not quite sure what everything is in this context. Perhaps, they mean that like Mary J Blige and other soul singer (which they are not), they put their entire heart into their art and performances and leave their soul on the stage after each performance.


I’m only saying. Perhaps. I’ve never been to an actual Psquare concert.
I’m living my life, I don chop money….eh eh eh!
For all the non-speakers of Nigerian Pidgin, this means that they are living large and lavishly. 
I don taste money…eeeeh eh!
They have tasted the good life. Good for them.

My guy I’m allergic to poverty (you say wetin)
They address the listener and inform him…(my guy) that they are allergic to poverty. Although, I wonder how true that is. Weren’t they like, really poor before they broke into the limelight? Maybe not, cause they are allergic to it, because they’ve never experienced it.
So I’m using my sense to dey gather the properties eh!
They are investing in real estate…with their senses???
(okay naw)…
“No time o
They cannot slack or be dull.
Like the statue of liberty. Nobody knows tomorrow
I still don’t get the point of this. I mean, I get that no one knows the future so they are making hay while the sun shines. But what has the stature of Liberty got to do with this. Maybe they just wanted to rhyme so bad, with properties. Hence, the stature of liberty.

Totally senseless.

So I’ll be holding my destiny eeeeh!”

As e be say na jungle o…oooo
Some people dey bubble o….eh!
I continue the struggle o…oooo
The struggle dey double my hustle o….eh!”

I guess this could be that some people are living well despite the tough economic situation in the country. And they (Psquare) are continuing their hustle to avoid falling beneath the desired standard of living to which they have become accustomed.

“Na my testimony, testimony, my testimony
I don chop, i don taste money….eeeeh!
I don taste money….eeeeh!
Na my testimony, testimony, my testimony
I don chop, i don taste money….eeeeh!
I don taste money….eeeeh!”


This is their testimony. They are rich and they live quite well. Basically!

Je m’appelle chop money eh eh!

Their name is ‘chop money’.

It’s good to be saving for raining days (na so)
Cause e no easy eh!
Life is a daily cake….oooo
So make una see me as evidence
Baba God na my confidence
His blessings are endless o eh!”

Ok, this is tricky. First, it is imperative to save and invest because life is tough. The life is a daily cake part, I don’t get it. But their lives are evident to the fact that in God lies their confidence and He blesses them endlessly.

So basically, they live well and they save sensibly and they trust in God to keep blessing them continually as they churn out hits, make money, live well and keep saving and investing sensibly.

Ok the truth is, at the beginning I was out to tear down the song as senseless and stupid. But it so turns out that it is a pretty good message.

1. Do your work or business well
2. Live well
3. But save and invest wisely
4. Trust God to keep blessing the works of your hands.

Good job. Except for the stature of liberty part.