Dear Diary,

Lagos, as I said, is fast becoming a world city, an internationally recognised metropolis, the major hub of business in West Africa and one of the reasons Nigeria has become the 25th largest economy in the world.


However, somethings need to be done.
I started with my opinion on the need to ban further formation of new churches taking up space that can be used to companies and job opportunities that would be better for the economy than another prayer space.
Today I continue with another harsh medicinal point.

2.       Ban beggars from reproducing.
Notice how rich people or members of the upper and at times lower middle classes of society with the means to provide for their families hardly ever have more than 4 children? At least in this day and age.
But you also must have noticed how beggar women pile their children on their heads, tie them on their backs or make them trail behind in their numbers to go about the street begging.


China had an interesting way of dealing with this. They banned ALL families from having over 2 children. Because they are sensible, they had their economists and statistical demographers look into the future and they saw that the numerous child-having habit wasn’t gonna help them in the future. So they sensibly opted to nip it in the bud.


One family. One child.

But no, here in Nigeria you must at least have 5 or you haven’t started. Let me at this point remind you that jobs are already so hard to get. Not as many people are as enterprising as would be healthy for our economy, the Universities churn out more graduates than most others in the world, 3 quarters of whom are airheads, or cannot get jobs, or have not the wherewithal to startup businesses to support themselves, hence everyone is completely dependent on the Government for handouts, and of course desperation and corresponding crime rates will only be on the skyrocketing path.


This doesn’t seem right o.
It’s already hard enough for folks from comfortable families to get jobs, we haven’t yet of a child of a beggar becoming President, they have almost no access to the education they . So I think the society can do without beggar children who become more criminals than Upstanding members of society.



  1. Nigerians shouldn’t have more than 3 children per family, inless the momma churns out twins and triplets and other sets…. all children must go to school… ALL! The government can make free schools and make sure that there are no children below 18 on the streets on school days. It can be Arabic school,vocational school or whatever,but…. they have to be learning.


    • Hey!
      I have to admit that I was pretty shocked at your opinion on this very complex matter that Nigeria and other counties in Africa are facing and have been facing for a very long time now. But don’t you think, that this is far more complicated to solve than you try to sell?
      Don’t you think, that it is a little too shallow to judge in that way?
      I don’t know anything about your background and maybe you have your reasons for thinking in such way but I personally think, that this would totally rob the citizens of their personal freedom!
      Who are you to tell people how many children they should or shouldn’t have? Even if they are poor, SO WHAT? Does that mean that they are less human to decide for themselfs?
      The higher birth rate in less developed countires is nothing to be amazed about. All the developed industrial countries of today had that stage as well… It was right after the industrialisation began that people started having less children. And didn’t that work out?
      Do you really think that by implementing such measures the government would THEN give a damn about the common man? Maybe I’m too critical, maybe not but it is clear that the government doesn’t care about their citizens. Did not then, and will not now.
      Besides we wouldn’t really be discussing this problem when the government was genuinly interested in it’s people…

      I’m sorry that this got so long but I just felt the urge, and without the intention of being arrogant or mean or anything, to share my thoughts on this as well. We all long for a better future Africa and everybody should part take in the journey of making it a better place. 🙂

      Much Love and God BLESS


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      • Thank you for your thoughts.

        It is not an easy thing to discuss, I am however not speaking from a place of arrogance. Medicine is always bitter, but it is good for the body overtime. You notice that many beggars keep having loads of children they cannot take care of or provide for. These poor children become properties of orphanages, and more often than not are put out on the street at a certain age and have nothing to do with their lives.

        That what you want to keep happening? Human right or not, this is wrong.


        • Yea, you are right and I am not in any way implying that what is going on over there is correct. It is not fair for the children at all, being hopeless from birth on…
          Anyway I think that those people need those children, to sustain themselfs. For instance in old age, who would take care of them if not their children? It is just a fact, that children portray just every social help that people are desperately in need of.

          Thank you for reading my comment and concidering my point of view as well

          Why not check out my blog and see how things work over there, it would be a pleasure having you as my guest 🙂



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